Stormy Daniels Pornhub searches go through the roof after Donald Trump's arrest

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Former pornstar Stormy Daniels had a popularity jump in the famous platform

Last Tuesday, a historic moment took place in American politics as former president Donald J. Trump was arrested in New York City. The charges he faces are for 34 felony counts for paying hush money to former pornstar Stormy Daniels. She accused him of violating the law for making these payments during his presidential campaign, which is considred a crime. Also, Donald Trump is denying any wrong doing despite the mounting evidence against him. In Stormy Daniels' case, she is definitely enjoying a spike in her popularity these days. But she is not just becoming more famous on the mainstream media, Stormy is also being searched on the x-rated platforms.

To those who aren't aware, Pornhub is the biggest adult entertainment video platform in the world. It's like the Youtube of porn and the metrics in there offer a clear idea of whoch entertainers are the most popular. Stormy Daniels no longer works in the industry but her name had a massive spike since the former president was arrested on Tuesday. The platform spoke to the folks at TMZ to let them know the numbers and they are truly staggering. Just last week, there were just under 34,500 searches of her name but they jumped to an impressive 650,000 searches on Tuesday alone.

Is Stormy Daniels making any revenue from this?

Given that she recently had to pay Donald Trump around $120,000 over attorney expenses due to their case, she could use some money right about now. However, Pornhub refused to tell TMZ whether she is getting a chunk of the revenue generated by so many searches inside the platform. At the time Trump decided to pay that hush money, Stormy Daniels got a reported $130,000 to stay quiet from Michael Cohen, who was the former president's attorney at the time. The core of the accusations relies on proving the former president falsified business records in order to cover up this payment.

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